Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New M.Tech. Thesis Submitted from computer science


In the context when mobile product companies and their applications experiencing fast growth, this research work sets forth the idea that the standard of road network planning can be enhanced by applying an obstacle free navigation system. The reasons for the development of the application are: One is that the industrial revolution is encouraging everyone to grow faster in this era of technology. Thus to grow faster, we are now a days used to rush on the roads without much concentration. This weakness of moving in hurry while travelling on road is becoming a major reason of accidents on road. Thus with this mobile application,the navigators can easily check train availability before or while travelling. Another reason to use application is due to the drastic increase in the mobile applications usage, the GPS enabled routing services have become more popular. This research draws
upon various routing features like geocoding, reverse geocoding, directions as well as turn by turn instructions. Many applications like Google Maps, HERE, waze and MapQuest, etc are in boom these days with various services. Updation involves updating the navigator about each activity being happening on road in real time, to get rid from the loss on roads due to accidents, jams, strikes and natural calamities etc. These are some critical issues which one navigator should get aware these days. Thus, this paper is proposing a model for routing related issue that is obstacle free routing. Obstacles could be natural or man-made. Here, considered obstacle is railway tracks that comes under the path of any navigator. Dealing with obstacles on road is a challenging problem in mobile routing applications these days. The routing is one of the well-known network analysis techniques implemented in road management systems providing solution to this problem. Thus determining for obstacle free routing in mobile application environment. This functionality would be implemented here using OpenStreetMap road network. The proposed outcome will enhance ability to traverse in road network analysis. In this case, the considered obstacle is trains that comes under the user selected route which he wants to visit.