Tuesday, October 10, 2017

New M.Tech. Thesis Submitted from civil


Stabilization has been defined as any process by which a soil material is improved and made more stable. If the soil is weak or loose than by the use of controlled compaction, proportioning and/or by the addition of suitable admixture or stabilizers the properties of soil changes. Stabilization come about into increase in the shear strength of a soil or potentially control of the shrinkage and swell properties of a soil. Stabilization is done by adding certain chemicals materials into the soil that alter the properties of soil. The bone powder and Fly ash is one of them. In the present study, work is done by adding the bone powder and fly ash into the soil. These have good pozzolanic property to bind the particles and to enhance the properties of the soil. In this study Compaction, CBR and UCS  parameters are determined. In first phase of study, just Fly Ash was utilized as a stabilizer with a rate of 15%, 20% and 25%. In second phase of study just Bone powder was utilized as a stabilizer with a rate of 1%, 3%, 5%, 7%. In third stage combined effect of Fly ash and Bone powder was used. From the outcomes it can be concluded that with increase in the content of fly ash Dry density decreases and with addition of bone powder dry density increases. Whereas OMC increases with addition of fly ash and reduces with addition of bone powder. Dose of 20% fly ash and 7% bone powder is taken as ideal. Upto 20% fly ash and 7% bone powder the UCS and CBR value increases. The soil shows significant increase in the CBR value and UCS value with addition of these stabilizers. For unsoaked condition, the CBR value increases from 3.50 to 8.90 with addition of these stabilizers and UCS value after 14 days curing increases from 344.96 kN/m2 to 1226.96 kN/m2.