Friday, September 22, 2017

New M.Tech. Thesis Submitted from civil


INTZE OHSR are very essential part of human life in any town locality. These are used to store water for various purposes like drinking and Irrigation. This study is mainly focused in understanding the Linear and Non-linear analysis of INTZE OHSR and their result are based on Codal system and verified with American Codes for the non-linear analysis and Indian IS codes for the linear analysis. This research presents modelling and dynamic analysis of overhead water tank achieved by using SAP2000 software of latest version 19. Further, non-linear static analysis has been accomplished to get the maximum hydrodynamic pressure characteristics of the water tank for varying circular tank wall heights, for a given capacity of water tank (Unoccupied and Occupied water level situations). In this study INTZE Circular overhead tank has been chosen as a main structure and analyzed for linear & non-linear analysis. For the geometrical nonlinear analyses P-delta and Pushover analysis outcomes are also equated with both codes Indian standards and American Standards. The material non-linear analysis material has been differentiated on the basis of codal provision and all these variation discussed in detail. To accomplish the objectives, linear and nonlinear analysis is used to get the variation between maximum hydrodynamic pressure including impulsive & convective forces. In the end variation concluded based on maximum pressure, displacement, moment and base reaction of INZE OHSR. .