Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New M.Tech. Thesis Submitted from Power

SYSTEM by Simrandeep Kaur 


In power grids, storage systems are very helpful because they store excess energy when the energy production is at peak and the need is low. When the production is low and doesn’t fulfill the need of the users, the stored energy is put into use. The proposed method suggests a micro grid comprises conventional generator, inexhaustible, storage system and loads to examine the control of energy flow
and stabilize damping effects by using thermal storage. Thermal storage has many advantages like it is eco friendly, longer life strength and high absorbing power. In this methodology, heat pump and resistive type thermal storage are suggested, but work is done by using heat pump type thermal storage. An effective design is established for the thermal storage and by using linear techniques, the stability of the grid is examined. The results are proved in simulation using MATLAB/SIMULINK Software and the stability of the micro grid is enhanced by using an optimal controller i.e. PID controller.