Monday, August 22, 2016

New M.Tech. Thesis Submitted from Power

Stability Testing of Biogas Plant in Electric Power System by Gurpreet Kaur 

This thesis is the study of Stability Testing of Biogas Plant in Electric Power System. A short description on Biogas Plant is given in introductory part. Furthermore, generator and regulator Modelling with its surrounding load modelled as well in software package Power World Simulator. Therefore, this simulation shows that the system is stable under short period of disturbances. In order to meet the sustained load demands, different renewable energy sources need to be integrated. Many of renewable energy resources produces less amount of energy than classical plant and in this case new stability problem arises when these plants integrate into power system in case of disturbances. As electric power system is highly non-linear so that its dynamic stability is tested under transient conditions. Per capita energy consumption is an index of development of any nation and with the use of renewable energy sources we can increase the per capita energy consumption in India and also Energy,Economy and Environment are the three inter related areas directly responsible for development of any country and therefore our main emphasis is on conservation of energy by the use of renewable energy sources. Finally the possibility of island mode with its surrounding load is tested in case of blackouts in this thesis. This island mode is reasonable and possible in longer blackouts.