Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New M.Tech. Thesis Submitted from computer

Efficient Extraction of BIM Objects and Other Structural Elements by Mayur Jethwa

Technology has changed the face of the world, with the advent of technology most of the manual works have been shifted towards autonomous processes. However, when these processes fail to interact often causes a bigger inconvenience. Therefore, lot of open standards has come into play to minimize these inconveniences. An IFC is an open standard that was created to address interoperability issues, therefore, popularity of an IFC ecosystem is rising by leaps and bounds, yet IFC fails to take into account human error or human ignorance, relationship that are not created during design is not reflected in an IFC file, to locate information manually is not a mundane task and often out of the scope of the validators resulting in safety hazards and compromised convenience. The very building that gives life, service, protection and happiness can take it back. Sources say that one of the top reasons for a building failure is human error. This error can be minimized if all structures are created by standards mentioned in national structure safety codes. To ensure that all the documented safety codes have been thoroughly verified it is necessary to perform this task using autonomous machine instead of a manual process. For all these reasons this thesis focuses on automated element extraction of structural entities, its children and their properties, so it can be further used by a structural validating software to ensure that a structure is made as per compliance of structural safety codes, and to verify that a structure is maintainable, appealing and convenient.