Friday, August 11, 2017

New M.Tech. Thesis Submitted from power

A Novel IWD Algorithm Based Stability Improvement of PV-Hydro System by Sumanjot Singh Sidhu 

In the energy sector, PV hydro cells have been utilized from many years. But, lately PV hydro cells are seen for exploitation in industries or in market. Moreover, the usage of fossil fuels has been reduced due to which contribution of PV hydro cell in the market has been increasing. One of the main reasons for the advancement of PV hydro cells is the growth in the new technology. But also there are some factors and challenges for the PV hydro cell. Our focus in this research area is to discover the highest output from the cell. A novel Intelligent Water Drop algorithm proposed which is used to make the system more stable and efficient. The objective of using this technique is to reduce THD value of the system. The firing angle’s optimal value is evaluated then it is fed in to the Boost converter. The results are compared and it can be concluded that IWD algorithm relied on the MPPT performs quite good.